Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tennis Information and Tickets

Tennis Introduction
Tennis is also called lawn tennis. Tennis has become a frequently played sport both efficiently and on recreational courts worldwide. In 1873 Tennis has been made-up by the British army officer Major Walter Clapton Wing field. 
Tennis is one of the most popular, famous and modern game played throughout the world and it is a game played on a court with a racket and a ball. Tennis can be played as indoors sport or Outdoors sport. When it is played as indoor game then two players (as in singles) can participate and when it is played as outdoor game then four players (as in doubles) can participate in this game. Some tennis equipments are required for tennis sport which are including Tennis Racket, Tennis Shoes, Tennis Balls, Tennis Nets, Tennis Net Posts and Tennis Strings.
Tennis Court
Tennis is played on a rectangular court and Tennis courts are separated by a net which apparent with two sets of lines. The length of court is 78 feet and width of boundaries is 27 feet for a singles game and the width of boundaries is 36 feet apart for doubles game. Tennis ball is made up by rubber which is covered with fabric wool and the diameter of ball is 2.5 to 2.6 inches. Tennis rackets have different shape and size but in maximum tournaments the maximum width is 12.5 inches and length is 29 inches. The mostly rackets are made of wood but current rackets are now made of stronger and lighter materials such as aluminum, graphite, and carbon fiber.
Tennis Rules
The rules for scoring are the same in singles and doubles games. Unless it results in a tie, a tennis game is played to four points. The first point is called "15," the second "30," the third, "40," and the fourth point is called "game." Zero points is called "love" and a tie at 40 is called "deuce." The game must be won by two points, so after a tie play continues until one player leads by two points. In a tennis game, the score of the server is always given first, such as "30-love."
Tennis at Olympic Games
The first tennis tournament was held in 1877. . Tennis tournaments are usually categorized on the basis of gender and number of players. There is often a mixed doubles competition held, in which one male and one female player teams up and match is played between two pairs.Tennis sport was included the Summer Olympic Games in 1896 and it was lasted until Summer Olympic Games 1924 but it was again become is regular part of Olympic schedule after Seoul 1988 Olympic Games. 
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